In today’s environmentally conscious society, many businesses are facing pollution risks either by liability to third parties or property contamination. One way that business owners have been mitigating their pollution and hazardous materials risks is by purchasing an Environmental Insurance Policy. Environmental Insurance can provide coverage for the cost of cleanup efforts, and any legal fees associated with the loss. Here we will provide you with some important information about some of the coverage’s provided by Environmental Insurance.

Pollution Legal Liability aka Environment Impairment Liability

Pollution Legal Liability may cover third and first party risks. Some losses that may be covered include but are

are not limited to: bodily injury, property damage, and cleanup costs that occur both on and off the insured’s business property.

Contractor's Pollution Liability

Contractors Pollution Liability is provided to contractors who hope to protect themselves against losses relating to activities on their job sites. 

Storage Tank Pollution Liability Insurance

Storage Tank Pollution Liability Insurance is designed to cover risks associates with storage tanks which contain hazardous or other materials of special concern. Because storage tanks are typically regulated by the EPA and state environmental authorities, Storage Tank Pollution Liability Insurance is usually required in many places. An example of a company needing this type of insurance is a gas station.

Site Specific Liability Insurance

For those who don’t own the property they conduct their business on, a Site Specific Liability Insurance Policy may be best. This type of insurance can also be beneficial to businesses that regularly purchase and sell property as part of their business model.

More Information About Environmental Insurance